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Examples of platforms and institutions with interoperability proposals and protocols

Platform Description
Harvest: A Distributed Search System Harvest is a system that collects information and makes it searchable through the web interface.
Dienst protocol The Dienst protocol provides communication with the services of a digital library.
Starts (Stanford Protocol Proposal for Internet Retrieval and Search) It is a protocol proposal made by Stanford University for the recovery and search of information on the Internet.
ZING SRU / W (Search and Retrieval Protocol) It is a standard protocol based on XML for query queries.
Guildford protocol This protocol provides a series of standards for the publication and exchange of documents on the Internet. It can be implemented by any institution or group of institutions that wish to distribute documents through the Internet.
OAI (Open Archives Protocol) The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. OAI has its roots in free access and movements of institutional repositories.
Simple Digital Library Interoperability Protocol (SDLIP) This protocol allows clients to request improved searches on information sources.
Z39.50 This standard defines a client / server based service and the protocol for information retrieval. Specifies the procedures and formats for a client to search for a database provided by a server, retrieve records from the database, and improve information retrieval functions.